About Sweetheart Quilt Design Company

About 14 years ago a friend invited me to join a group of ladies to do a Saturday Sampler.  I have to admit the major draw to say yes was that we were going to meet once a month for breakfast before going to the shop.  With working and raising a family, my girlfriend time was very limited.  So the idea of getting together once a month really appealed to me.  Pretty soon we were having so much fun we decided we ought to do it twice a month so we signed up for another Saturday Sampler and invited more friends.

I started designing because I needed a way to put those 12 Saturday Sampler blocks together.  Several years later we opened a quilt shop.  We found certain fabrics people really liked but didn't know what to make.  So I designed quilts to go with those fabrics.   Then we wanted to do more Mystery Quilts, so I started designing those.  Through it all, I realized I really enjoyed designing and wanted to share the designs with more people.  So, here we are having even more fun, with more designs coming all the time!

Happy Quilting,
Becky Johnson